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Did you know that STALCO SA is one the oldest manufacturers of Fuse Boxes (Pillars). For more than 30 years we have been supplying the Greek Public Power Corporation with Fuse Boxes with metallic enclosures that have been in operation, trouble free, for all this time.Link to Panels

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     STALCO  S A was founded in 1973 as an electrical equipment industry and rapidly became one of the leading Greek companies supplying high technology electrical equipment for the LV and MV distribution network of the Public Power Corporation of Greece.


      Few years later STALCO has extended its production activities in the sector of transmission and production of electrical energy.


      In parallel STALCO created a steel constructions department for the manufacture of special high technology steel constructions, especially parts of equipment for the energy field (e.g. lignite open Mines, Thermoelectric and Hydroelectric Powerstations).


     STALCO's factory built at the first Industrial Zone of Volos (central Greece), covers an area of 15.000m² in a total land area of 55.000m², with direct access for road, railway and sea transportation.


     STALCO' s products pass a quality control in a special control department with highly qualified specialists, currying out a full range of quality control, according to all international standarts


     STALCO has established and applies a quality system according to ISO 9001: 2015 / EN 9001/2015, certified by TUV.


     Recently STALCO extending its activity in the commercial sector, is also involved in representations and commerce of various technical goods, mainly electrical equipment, taking advantage of the company's long presence in the Greek market.


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