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Did you know that STALCO SA is one the oldest manufacturers of Fuse Boxes (Pillars). For more than 30 years we have been supplying the Greek Public Power Corporation with Fuse Boxes with metallic enclosures that have been in operation, trouble free, for all this time.Link to Panels

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Compact outdoor substations 20/0.4kV 250,400,630,1000kVA PDF 
Compact substation Compact Substation

 Compact outdoor substations


 STALCO SA has been producing Compact Outdoor Distribution Substations for the Greek Market for over fifteen years. STALCO is actually the only suplier that was able to meet the strict demands and specifications of the Greek Power Company for all those years. Our Substations are part of the backbone of the Greek distribution network and have been in operation in the harshest conditions imaginable with no reported problems whatsoever.

  Our products have successfully passed all the relevant type tests including the internal arc test, which are available on demand and our company has been awarded EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the manufacture of such products.

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