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Did you know that STALCO SA is the only manufacturer who managed to manufacture compact outdoor substations based on the extremely strict specifications of the Greek Public Power Corporation. Our substations have been installed in every part of Greece and have been in trouble-free operation under the harshest imaginable conditions Link to Panels

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24kV/400A(630A) Metal enclosed panels PDF 
Πινακες Μ.Τ

  STALCO-MIX Medium voltage metal enclosed panels

  The panels are manufactured in STALCO's factory and utilize the ABB SHS2 family of switchgear.

  We produce different type of panels (with fuses, motorized, with instrument transformers etc) according to our customers' specifications.












  The Stalcomix series of 10kA arc proof, metal enclosed switchgear according to IEC 62271-200 uses Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) insulated switchgear of 24kV nominal voltage, which are intended for indoor installation for the distribution network.

  The panels are equipped with a system that handles the safe escapement of the pressure that may develop in the highly unlikely event of internal arc. The expanding gas escapes safely to the top through a special duct that is located on the back. This system is capable of operating on its own and is not depended on the surrounding walls.

 A mechanical interlock system has been developed that:

•    Does not allow the closing of the breaking device while the earthing device is closed and vice versa.

•    Does not allow the opening of the cable compartment door if the earthing device is open.

•    Does not allow the closing of the breaking device when the cable compartment door is open.

  All these interlocks are carried out by a metallic mechanism that blocks the operation of the breaking or/and earthing device. That does not allow the incorrect operation sequence eg an attempt to close the earthing device while the breaking device is closed.

  The panels are made using a special galvanized sheet metal. The front doors and coverings are additionally protected by coats of electrostatic paint of at least 40um thickness. The SF6 insulated switchgear external cover is made of stainless steel sheet. All of the above ensure extra high resistance to corrosion even in polluted environments.

  Operating Conditions

Minimum ambient air temperature    :-5°C

Maximum ambient air temperature    : +40°C

Ambient air temperature (average value measured over a period of 24 hours)    : +35°C

Relative humidity (average value measured over a period of 24 hours)    :95%

Maximum altitude    : 1000m over sea level

  Electrical Characteristics

Rated Voltage: 24kV

Rated insulation level: 50kV/1min, 125kV BIL

Main Circuit Rated Current: 200A, 400A, 630A

Rated short time withstand current: 10kA/1sec or 16kA/1sec

Internal Arc withstand: 10kA/1sec or 16kA/1sec

Dergee of protection of metal enclosure: IP 3X

Type Test Reports

STALCO has sucefully passed all the type test for our products.

Type test certificate Type test certificate Type test certificate Type test certificate Type test certificate


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