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Did you know that STALCO SA is one the oldest manufacturers of Fuse Boxes (Pillars). For more than 30 years we have been supplying the Greek Public Power Corporation with Fuse Boxes with metallic enclosures that have been in operation, trouble free, for all this time.Link to Panels

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Electromechanical Installations PDF 

 Electromechanical Installations

  At STALCO we believe in delivering well designed and expertly applied installations with focus on optimum performance within the desired parameters and price margins set by the client, who have the benefit of direct consulting with our expert engineers and technicians, should the need arise.
  We strive for excellence in all our installations in order to establish ourselves as one of the leading industry in the field. Our vast experience in MV electrical equipment manufacturing has been the basis of development for this venture. We apply the same strict quality standards that we have applied in our production methods that have established us as one the leading manufacturer of quality products in the field.
Hydroelectric Powerstation's Bussbars PDF 

 Power Station Busbars

 STALCO SA produces electric powerstations' busbars made of steel and aluminium

Air heat exchnager (LUVO-Luftwarwarmer) PDF 

 Air heat Exchanger (LUVO)

Air heat exchnager/preheater (LUVO-Luftwarwarmer/Ljungstrom type air preheater) for thermal power stations.

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High pressure boiler tube systems PDF 

High pressure tubing

High pressure tube systems

 High pressure tubing

High pressure tubes with cooling fins

 High pressure tubes

Parts of high pressure systems

high pressure tubes

High pressure tube systems

 high pressure tube parts

Parts of high pressure systems



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pdf logo Click here for product brochure 


M.V Surge arresters PDF 

Αλεξικέραυνο Cooper


Outdoor type, medium voltage 20/24kV (5kA) HTV silicone rubber metal oxide surge arresters without gaps.

This surge arrester ismanufactured by Cooper Power Systems, type UNS2110AVDV1A CPS according to the technical description ΔΔ-177/28.01.2012. This product has been verified by the Greek Power Company. The PPC product code is 441000041





ISO 9001:2015 PDF 
Did you know that STALCO SA strictly implements the ISO 9001:2015 quality control protocol in every field of its operations?Link to Panels
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