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Did you know that STALCO SA is the only Greek manufacturer of medium voltage fuse cutouts in Greece. In fact, we are the company that has won the most recent tender for the supply of fuse cutouts with porcelain inslulators.Link to Panels

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Low voltage current transformers PDF 
Μετασχηματιστής έντασης ΧΤ Μ/Σ διαιρούμενου πυρήνα

Low Voltage current transformers

  Low voltage, indoor type, current transformer with accuracy class 0,5S, produced according to IEC 60044-1


  The LV current transformers are used in combination with metering or protection devices and their rated voltage does not exceed 500V.

  The transformers can operate at temperatures between  -10°C και +50°C and at an altitude no more than 1000m above sea level.

Electrical characteristics

Type: PCT

Primary current (Α):   200, 400 (or other according to our customer's demands)

Secondary current (Α): 5

Thermal Current Ith(A): 12

Dynamic Current Idyn(A):30

Rated system voltage(kV): Up to 500V

Rated system frequency (Hz): 50 (or 60, according to our customer's demands)

Insulation strength (kV): 3

Weight (kgr): 0,8

Power (VA): 10

 *The transformers can come equipped with any requested ratio and additional metering or protection windings with specific ratios and ratings.

Type test reports

 Our products have sucessfully been type tested and have been awarded the relevant type test certificates.

Type test certificateType test certificateType test certificateType test certificate


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