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Outdoor MV cast resin voltage transformers PDF 
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Cast resin M.V voltage transfomer

TPD3 M.V. outdoor cast resin, 20kV/100V or 20-15kV/100V voltage transformer, cl:0.5, 25VA 50Hz, produced according to IEC 60044-2.

This product has been used and verified by the PPC

PPC product code (TF 20kV/100V):456002948

PPC product code (TF 20-15kV/100V):456000020









  The Transformers can operate and be stored in temperatures between -25°C and 40°C and averase annual humidity more than 75°C in an altitude below 1000m from sea level.

  The body of the transformer is made by a special endurance resin material and filled, designed for outdoor use in areas of high humidity, sun exposure, rainfall, snowfall and high levels of pollution.

  The secondary terminal box is fully rain and moisture proof. The design ensures that moisture due to condensation drains from the terminal box.

  The creepage distance of the product is more than 744mm (Pollution Level IV-Very Heavy). The accuracy class is 0.5

  They are capable of operating with a voltage that exceeds the nominal voltage by 20%.


Electrical Characteristics

Type: TPD3

Primary voltage (kV): 20 or 20/15(for double ratio transformers)

Highest voltage on system: 24kV

Secondary voltage (V): 100

Accuracy class: 0,5

Insulation level (kV): 24/50/125

Rated output(VA): 25

*The transformers can come equipped with any requested ratio and additional metering or protection windings with specific ratios and ratings.

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