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BETA type fuse disconnecting switches PDF 


  Single Pole, medium voltage 20/24kV, BETA AF 24 type, fuse disconnecting switches, operated using an insulating hook-stick, for vertical installation that have outdoor type 10A or 3,15A fuses.


  The Fuse Disconnecting Switches are suitable for vertical or 30° angle under hung operation.

  All materials and fabrication conform to the latest applicable European Standards (IEC) and Americal Standards (IEEE, USA, ASTM, NEMA).

  The base of the Fuse Disconnecting Switch is made of formed hot dip galvanized steel sheet.

  The two porcelain (TR-7 type) insulators are fixed on the base.

  One insulator has a fixed contact made of tin plated electrolytic copper equipped with the fuse link locking mechanism. The other insulator has a rotating fuse link base made of tin plated brass.

 The fuse links are equipped with striker and automatic disconnecting mechanism that operates when a fuse is blown. he fuse link can be operated using an insulating rod.

  All the necessary materials for the mounting of the Fuse Disconnecting Switch are provided (mounting screws).

  The Fuse Disconnecting Switches are provided with brown colored porcelain insulators (type TR-7).

  The steel base of the Fuse Disconnecting Switch is hot dip galvanized steel in accordance with ASTM Standards - Specification A153-65. The clips and terminals are silver plated.

Electrical Characteristics

Rated Voltage: 20kV

Maximum Operating Voltage: 24kV

Withstand without flashover of other electrical failure:
•    Power Frequency withstand (dry): 70kV /1 min
•    Power Frequency withstand (wet): 60kV /10sec
•    Full wave impulse withstand (positive and negative) 1,5/40usec: 150kV

Fuse Links ratings
•    Current Rating: 10Aor3,15A
•    Rated Voltage: 20KV
•    Interrupting Current Rating: 10KA

Rated temperature rise which the Fuse Disconnecting Switch shall not exceed under normal operation: 35°C

Net weight of assembled Single Phase Fuse Disconnecting Switch: 27kg

Ambient Temperature: max40°C, min -15°C Altitude: max 1000m above sea level

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