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Did you know that STALCO SA is a trusted manufacturer of medium voltage instrument transformers? Our company has been manufacturing oil insulated transformers for more than 30 years. Throughout all this time our products have proven their worth and resilience on the field.Link to Panels

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Prefabricated buildings PDF 

  Prefabricated buildings   

  Prefabricated buildings with unit frame made of special section of galvanized steel or hollow sections, WBP plywood flood paved with ceramic tiles or plastic flooring, side and partition walls and roof made of thermo insulating panels and windows and doors made of aluminium.

  The building process allows the extension and modification of all the spaces based on our client's demands.

  All units are designed to fulfill all the statical, antiseismic, water proofing and aesthetic requirements.

  The production process is carried out in our 15.000 sq meter industrial buildings in the industrial area of Volos.

  The total service provided by our company includes the project planning, design, construction, transportation, installation and, if necessary, the cubicle maintenance.

  Some examples of the uses of the buildings are:

  • Bulletproof guardhouses.
  • Outdoor electrical distribution substation.
  • Cubicles for photovoltaic parks with or without equipment.
  • Cellular telephony units.
  • Television transmission units.
  • Flat pack units.
  • Heavy machinery control booths.

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