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Did you know that STALCO SA is one the oldest manufacturers of Fuse Boxes (Pillars). For more than 30 years we have been supplying the Greek Public Power Corporation with Fuse Boxes with metallic enclosures that have been in operation, trouble free, for all this time.Link to Panels

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M.V Surge arresters PDF 

Αλεξικέραυνο Cooper


Outdoor type, medium voltage 20/24kV (5kA) HTV silicone rubber metal oxide surge arresters without gaps.

This surge arrester ismanufactured by Cooper Power Systems, type UNS2110AVDV1A CPS according to the technical description ΔΔ-177/28.01.2012. This product has been verified by the Greek Power Company. The PPC product code is 441000041






Electrical Characteristics

Rated Voltage (kV) (rated voltage, Vr)                 

21 kV

Continuous operating voltage (kV rms)             

17 kV      

Nominal current impulse, 8/20 μs

5 kA peak

Residual voltage


           -at nominal discharge current (kV)

62,4 kV

           -at steep current impulse 1/10μs (kV)

65,4 kV

High current impulse 1/10μs(kA)

65 kA

Long duration current

75 A peak, 1000 μs

Insulation withstand of the arrester housing at lighting impulse voltage (peak) (kV)

136 kV

Insulation withstand of the arrester housing at power frequency voltgae, dry, 1 min (kV)

86 kV

Insulation withstand of the arrester housing at power frequency voltgae, wet, 1 min (kV)

75 kV

Insulator type

100% silicone rubber

Creepage distance


Bending strength

100 Nm


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